Example of Bit Manipulation in C++

Access on the level of bit is the beauty and power of C++. Bit Manipulation is not a thing which may be used very frequently but if you are working with a very limited resources, it can be very handy. Below is an example showing converting integers into binary and binary to integers by manipulating bits.

#include <bitset>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <limits>
using namespace std;

int main()
// print some numbers in binary representation

cout << “267 as binary short:     ”
<< bitset<numeric_limits<unsigned short>::digits>(267)
<< endl;

cout << “267 as binary long:      ”
<< bitset<numeric_limits<unsigned long>::digits>(267)
<< endl;

cout << “10,000,000 with 24 bits: ”
<< bitset<24>(1e7) << endl;

// transform binary representation into integral number

cout << “\”1000101011\” as number:  ”
<< bitset<100>(string(“1000101011″)).to_ulong() << endl;

/* output will be as follows:
267 as binary short:     0000000100001011
267 as binary long:      00000000000000000000000100001011
10,000,000 with 24 bits: 100110001001011010000000
1000101011” as number:  555


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