MPAS – Multi-agent Path-finding Algorithms Simulator

Amit Ofer

For my final project at Ben Gurion university I created a simulator for testing and examining the behavior of different path finding algorithms for multiple agents.

What this basically means is, if you have a grid map with obstacles and lets say 2 cars traveling from their respective start point to goal, the algorithm will find the cheapest path for both cars such that they do not collide.

By cheapest path I mean that the sum of paths for all the cars will be the minimum possible.

There are currently 3 algorithms implemented in the simulator:

  • Simple A-star
  • Cooperative A-star
  • Independence Detection A-Star

The first one is the basic A-star algorithm but taking account more than one unit (this one gets very slow as the numbers of agents increases)

The second algorithm is taken from the following paper :

The third algorithm is taken from the following paper:

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  1. Awesome! Really awesome! Great work! 🙂

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