Age: 17 Employer: Yahoo Worth: tens of millions of USD!!!

nikhil palavalasa

A seventeen year old high school student of UK is the latest employee of software giant, ‘Yahoo‘! As if that is not enough, his bank balance boasts of tens of millions of US dollars!!

Who is this guy and what on the earth made this guy filthy rich? Remember Mark Zuckerberg and his story of being billionaire by building Facebook??  17-year-old software genius Nick D’Aloisio sold his app Summly to Yahoo for an undisclosed amount which could be easily in tens of millions (internet gossip is 30 million$)!!

Sunmmly, formerly Trimit, is an app for iOS that summarizes news  it receives from hundreds of sources and presents to the user in an intuitive way. Summly is an algorithm that summarizes text using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies and solves the problem of data overload.

Summly has announced that the app will be removed…

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