C++ Dynamic Program of Matrix Multiplication with Matrix Style

한 레에 나

Well, well. It’s another program I learnt and it was my homework yesterday which takes me 2 days without a bath (lebay nggak ada obat). At first I tried to make the program myself and then I realize that mine was so primitive, using a bunch of statement conditions rather than loop. So I tried to get help from internet. The conditions stated for my homework are:

  1. Program to multiply multidimentional arrays as matrix
  2. The program should allow the user to input their preference of first and second matrix size (row x column)
  3. The program should allow the user to enter their own desirable first and second matrix elements
  4. If the dimension of the second matrix is not compatible with the first one (due to mismatch of the column size of first matrix with row size of the second matrix), the program should refuse to accept the second matrix and…

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