Maximum Causal Entropy – Adaptive Systems and Intelligence


f4e2ccca-f6e7-4822-ae22-284452ba9bb8A short stimulating paper named “Causal Entropic Forces” was recently published in the prestigious Physical Review Letters by A.D. Wissner-Gross and C.E. Freer that is quite startling in the applicability of its conclusions.   The authors claim to have begun to formalize a mathematical framework capturing a fundamental relationship between intelligence and entropy maximization.

An excellent summary by freelance science writer Don Monroe  for the American Physical Society (link) captures the authors’ intent…

“Entropy measures the number of internal arrangements of a system that result in the same outward appearance. Entropy rises because, for statistical reasons, a system evolves toward states that have many internal arrangements. A variety of previous research has provided “lots of hints that there’s some sort of association between intelligence and entropy maximization,” says Alex Wissner-Gross… On the grandest scale, for example, theorists have argued that choosing possible universes that create the most entropy favors cosmological models that…

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