how to capture screen in a dual monitor system VC++

Visual Programming

Use the SM_CXVIRTUALSCREEN and SM_CYVIRTUALSCREEN as the parameter for GetSystemMetrics function.

Ex:  GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXVIRTUALSCREEN);

A Virtual Screen a logical rectangle which will wrap across all the monitors present for a desktop.  The SM_CXVIRTUALSCREEN and SM_CYVIRTUALSCREEN returns these logical x, y coordinates of the virtual screen.

We can use Dual Monitor API available for windows desktop development to get the details of each and every monitor individually.  The following piece of code will give the information about how to do it:

void ClipOrCenterRectToMonitor(LPRECT prc, UINT flags) { HMONITOR hMonitor; MONITORINFO mi; RECT rc; int w = prc->right - prc->left; int h = prc->bottom - prc->top; // // get the nearest monitor to the passed rect. // hMonitor = MonitorFromRect(prc, MONITOR_DEFAULTTONEAREST); // // get the work area or entire monitor rect. // mi.cbSize = sizeof(mi); GetMonitorInfo(hMonitor, &mi); if (flags & MONITOR_WORKAREA) rc = mi.rcWork; else rc = mi.rcMonitor; // // center or clip…

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