“First, solve the problem. Then, write the code”

Programming Matters

The purpose of this section is to lay down my thoughts and ideas while I take a journey into the world of Mancala and begin to develop an algorithm to evolve an agent to play an African board game of counting and strategy.

The approach which I will use to evolve the game agent is competitive coevolution to evolve the evaluation function to be used in an alpha-beta game tree. The evaluation function will be in the form of a Neural Network.

Since I will not have a training set of board states and target moves, training will need to be unsupervised. I will use a Particle Swarm Optimizer to train the neural network in a competitive coevolutionary manner. The learning model will consist of three components:

  • An alpha-beta game tree expanded to a given ply depth (Can thus simmulate difficulty level). The root of the tree represents the current…

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