Out of ideas? Not out of things to do (to improve your code)!

One day at a time

This will seem like the most obvious tip ever, but I thought I’d get it out there for those that may have forgotten about it in a while. If you’ve ran out of ideas on what to work on  your project next (i.e. you have no new features or improvements in mind), try going through your codebase and find the oldest pieces of it. (Side note: Having your codebase be in something like a Git repository that can tell you when each line of code was committed and thus last edited can be amazingly helpful.) Chances are you’ve grown since then. You’re a better developer. You have more tricks up your sleeve. Maybe you know of a new algorithm, a new library, a new, better way to do things. Maybe you’ve read about security risks you weren’t aware of. There’s almost definitely going to be something there that could use…

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