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Java Code To Illustrate Heapsort:


package heapsort;

import edu.princeton.cs.introcs.*;

public class Heapsort

public static int heapsize;

public static int Parent(int i)
return i/2;

public static int Left(int i)
return 2*i+1;

public static int Right(int i)
return 2*i+2;

public static void MaxHeapify(int A[], int i)
int l = Left(i);
int r = Right(i);
int greatest,temp;
if (l<heapsize && A[l]>=A[i]) greatest = l;
else greatest = i;
if (r<heapsize && A[r]>=A[greatest]) greatest = r;
if (greatest!=i)
temp = A[greatest];
A[greatest] = A[i];
A[i] = temp;

public static void BuildHeap(int A[], int n)
int i;
for (i=(n/2)-1;i>=0;i–) MaxHeapify(A,i);

public static void heapsort(int A[])
int i,temp;
for (i=A.length-1;i>=1;i–)
temp = A[0];
A[0] = A[i];
A[i] = temp;

public static void displayheap(int A[])
int height = (int)((Math.log10(A.length)) / (Math.log10(2)));
int spaces =…

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