When will you be domainted by Artificial Intelligence?

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In 1997 IBM challenged the World’s number one chess Grandmaster, Garry Kasparov to a friendly chess match against their newly built Deep Blue chess playing computer.  After seven long matches, IBM Deep Blue defeated Kasparov 2-1.  At the time, Garry Kasparov accused the IBM engineers of cheating, and using human players to assist Deep Blue back stage;  indeed Kasparov’s was a normal human reaction.  But what Garry didn’t realise at the time, he was mearly going through the normal set of human emotions, which billions of other humans will face in the coming Artificial Intelligence Age.

Machines can already run faster, lift heavier, dive deeper, climb higher than any human.  What makes the thinking domain so untouchable and special!?  Indeed, IBM Deep Blue proved that humans can be outsmarted too.

Even though Garry Kasparov will be remembered as a great chess player, he will also be remembered as one of…

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