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Future of Artificial Intelligence for Smartphones


The world is indeed a global village now, and conceivably, it is getting even smaller with the passage of time. The major reasons for the “Shrinking” of this world is of course globalization, and one of the things which contributes the most in the process of globalization is the brisk augmentation of Technology. So, it can be concluded that the growth of technology is the main reason why the world has turned out to be a global village. However, as far as our today’s topic is concerned, we are only going to take into account the growth of Smartphones in the world of technology.

Artificial Intelligence for Smartphones

Overall Growth in Smartphones

The growth of Smartphones has been in constant rapidity ever since the release of iPhone about 5 years ago. It started with the ability to replace the need of a PC for internet usage and is now able to replace even those…

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