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Thoughts on Big Data and Visualization – 1

indignant চান্দু

Big data does not have a fixed definition, but it only means BIG data. I’m not trying to be funny. I meant to say it out loud: “bb-iii-ee-gg” data. The enormous amount of data could mean Terrabytes, Petabytes and nowadays I read papers about moving on to Exabytes. This will be a series of posts that set aside the technicalities (mostly) and describe my perspective on the current progress, and also what experts in the field say about the prospective outlook.

This is a hot topic nowadays among the journalists since it has found its use beyond the borders of science, but the research thrust has been there for more than two decades, dating back to the early days of scientific data analysis and visualization. There are doubts on the capabilities of this field, I met a few Data professors and experts who cast doubt on the current hype, I…

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